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When uniqueness meets privilege...

At Iconiccars, we can rely on over 20 years' experience in the automotive market. Our main goal at Iconiccars is to invest in the most mythical cars ever built. The group’s wide European network allows us to select the best cars for you. We have a team of car enthusiasts who pride themselves on understanding the exclusive car market and the needs of automotive connoisseurs. In addition, we look after our own logistics to deliver your car in prime condition and can provide you with after sales service worthy of your purchase.


Our passionate employees will guide you through the entire process and gladly assist you during this unique adventure. Quality, expertise and passion are our strengths.


Our logistics team is able to arrange delivery of your purchase to any location in the world with the utmost care.

Meet our passionate director Tom Boonen

Since Tom stopped his professional cycling-career, he decided to focus on his passion for exclusive cars. We’re excited to hear him talk about the cars we have in our garage. Check out regularly our homepage for new stories.