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Mclaren 600LT
Ferrari 488 Spider - Nero
McLaren 720 Spa 68

At Iconiccars, our vocation is to provide you with the most mythical cars which have their own unique place in the automotive firmament. We can rely on over 20 years' experience in the automotive market.

Meet our passionate director Tom Boonen

Since Tom stopped his professional cycling-career, he decided to focus on his passion for exclusive cars. We’re excited to hear him talk about the cars we have in our garage. Check out regularly our homepage for new stories.

Iconic for a reason

When uniqueness meets passion ...

Italdesign ZeroUno

Unveiled to the world during the 87th Geneva International Motor Show in 2017, Zerouno is the first car born under the new brand Italdesign Automobili Speciali.

McLaren P1-GTR

Track days and hypercars seem like a logical recipe for fun. The combination of a powerful engine with a hybrid system make it the ultimate track machine.

Aston Martin GT12

The GT12 is an uncompromising example of the Aston Martin design and engineering expertise and will let you savour every second behind the wheel.

Step into the Iconic Lounge

That’s right! We’ve just opened our brand new Lounge, where you can discover our most mythical and iconic cars.

These are our principles:

  • We offer peace of mind.

    All cars currently listed on our website are all part of our collection and are owned by Iconiccars. All necessary documents will be provided for each transaction. This inlcudes titles, certificates of origin, export declarations, ...

  • We make it personal.

    Our passionate employees will personally guide you through the entire process and gladly assist you during every step of what will be a unique buying experience. Quality, expertise and passion are our strengths.

  • We deliver to your home. Anywhere in the world.

    Our logistics team can take care of the delivery to any location in the world with the utmost care.